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My musical experience

As an arranger I try to be as versatile as possible and have written works spanning from traditional brass and wind band music to arrangements including fiddles, choirs, organ, accompaniment group, flute and drum corps, accordion, bagpipe and even two Harley Davidson motorbikes!
In 2004 I won the Fodens Richardson Award for best composition and after that I tried to have som time to focus on composing. At BrassWind, a Norwegian contemporary musicfestival, in 2007 I had the premiereperformance of my piece “Den siste Draumen” (The last Dream) and in 2008 Smørås Schoolband and Eirik Gjerdevik commissioned me to write  “The Nix” for their ownchoice for the National Schoolband contest first section. In 2009 I won a the first price in a composerscompetition organised by the city of Florø and my piece was chosen as the official 150 years jubileefanfare for the city of Florø.

Among others I have arranged or composed music for the following organizations and persons: Eikanger-Bjørsvik, Fodens Band, Sandefjord Brass Symposium, Stavanger Brassband, Tormod Flaten, Nordic Brass Ensemble, Kristiansand Windorchestra, Oster Brass, Kleppe Musikklag, Bergen Brass Band, Tertnes Brass, Eirik Gjerdevik, Russell Gray, Smørås Schoolband, Peder Most Garden (Denmark), Prinsens Musikkorps (Denmark), The Norwegian Band Federation.

Some of this music is recorded on Eikangers cds  "Art of the States" (2003) , Tales & Stories (2005), Tormod Flatens cds “Flight”, “Norwegian Euphonium” and “From the deep” and on Eikangers Naxos-recording of Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet”. And in 2010 Oster Brass released the cd "Han mass og han lass" which features my arrangements.

I have conducted bands in both Norway and abroad on all levels from schoolbands to championship bands both wind bands and brassbands. Among others I would like to mention Oster Brass and Kleppe Musikklag. Both of them I had the fortune to take to their first ever victories in the Siddis Brass Entertainment Contest first section in respectively 2005 and 2006. On both occasions I arranged and composed their programs as well. Regarding championship bands I have been lucky enough to work with Århus Brassband in Denmark and the Eikanger-Bjørsvik Band.
And not to forget: My nine years with the Lindås Schoolband. Great bunch of people!

As cornet-tutor and conductor I have worked since 1994 at quite a few of  The Norwegian Band Federation’s different summerschools on the westcoast of Norway: Møre & Romsdal county, Sogn & Fjordane county, Hordaland county and Rogaland county. And for many years I was working at and with the National Brassband summerschool of Norway.

Since 2000 I also have been working as an adjudicator at both local and national contests for both wind and brass bands.

In the end: Here are some of the ensembles I have played with:

Bjørsvik Brass (2011-)
Eikanger-Bjørsvik (1986-2011)
(Soprano since 1990 and responsible for programplanning since 1996)
National Youth Brassband of Norway
(88-89 as principalcornet, 90-91 on sopranocornet)
The Western Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces
The Northern Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces
The Southern Region Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces
The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Bergen Big Band
Different TV-programmes

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